Christina has been asked to join a working group of the International Building Quality Centre. IBQC provides global leadership in the development of best practice building regulatory policy guidelines.

She will join esteemed colleagues from around the world in giving input on the topic of ‘Good Practice Guidelines for Existing Buildings’.

The purpose of the Good Practice Guidelines for Existing Buildings is to establish a suite of key principles to enable buildings to realise their design life, achieve their on-going performance and maintain occupant health and safety.

It is such an interesting topic! What is the lifespan of a building supposed to be? There are some buildings that become ‘heritage listed’ and so are taken care of, but what about other buildings? Are buildings built to last?

Think about a high rise building with many different owners who constantly change. Are these buildings being maintained to a level that will see them last? If they start to ‘crumble’, become structurally unsound, it’s not as easy as knocking them down and starting again, especially in highly built-up areas.

We are looking forward to finding out more during the development of these international guidelines and will keep you updated.

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