CJK Fire & Safety

Unique and Holistic Approach

Experienced and knowledgeable Fire Engineers who can think outside the box and find solutions to most issues.

Customer Satisfaction

Individual approach where time frames and client needs are understood.

Registered Australia Wide

We hold registrations in all States and Territories of Australia.

Award Winning Consultancy

CJK Fire & Safety (CJK) was founded in 2018 by Christina Knorr and is the only Fire Engineering consultancy in Cairns, Queensland. Our business offers a different approach putting safety and clients’ needs first.

CJK provides services to builders, construction lawyers, certifiers, product manufacturers, strata and building managers, councils and architects Australia-wide.

We are experienced in applying Fire Safety Engineering principles and expert knowledge to projects ranging from residential dwellings and apartment blocks to hospitals and shopping centres. When working on a project, we concentrate on safety and performance of a building, rather than simply ticking boxes for compliance.

The appearance of the business has allowed local construction professionals to discover feasible and cost-effective solutions. Examples include Cairns Regional Council, Hutchinson Builders, Osborne Construction, numerous residential Strata Plans, various developers, factory owners, and small family-owned businesses.

Our work falls into 5 categories.

  1. Fire Safety Engineering for new and existing buildings. When it comes to new developments, we work with architects and project teams on developing unique building designs that don’t compromise fire safety. Such work requires a high level of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Often existing and heritage-listed buildings are subject to refurbishments, and it is impossible to bring them to compliance with the current codes and standards. Hence, we identify what needs to be done to bring those buildings to an acceptable level of safety without affecting the heritage aspect.
  2. Special Expert and Expert Witness Services
    We are experienced and trained in preparing litigation-compliant reports and expert opinions on various fire safety and compliance matters.
    These include providing an independent expert opinion in regard to alleged building and combustible cladding defects, reviewing and commenting on compliance of building materials and their method of installation and assisting in post-fire investigation matters.
  3. Combustible cladding assessment. Investigation and assessment of building cladding, including Aluminium Composite Panels and completion of compliance and risk assessments. Presentation of risk mitigation methods (if any) to reduce risks associated with cladding.
  4. Product development. Assisting construction product manufacturers with their product development process assessment of test results. This assists in the improvement of existing construction materials and also in the introduction of new products into the Australian Market. Examples of product developing clients are CSR, Promat, Construction Specialites, FireDefender, Rescom and AssaAbloy.
  5. CJK Fire & Safety Education. This is the educational arm of the company that offers free and paid educational courses on fire safety-related topics.

We believe that every problem has a solution, we take safety seriously and work fast with a lot of attention to detail. No job is too small or too big for CJK Fire & Safety.

Testimonials from our Clients

“CJK Fire & Safety has at all times displayed an ongoing commitment to the professional delivery of Fire Engineering services, from early planning through to practical completion, on a wide range of projects that All Construction Approvals has been associated with. Christina is flexible and responsive to Client circumstances and can cope with the demands of various size projects. I have found her to be responsive, insightful, easy to do business with, and genuinely committed to achieving positive outcomes that benefit the project and Client alike.”

Harald W – Certifier

“This is a huge thanks on behalf of Maas Constructions (Dubbo) Pty Ltd for Christina, whose rapid, courteous & professional
assistance got our project back on track, without the need for rework. This has saved or project both time & money. Congratulations on resolving our issue, we truly appreciate your “outside of the box” resolution.

We will certainly be in touch next time we need the services of a Fire Engineer.”

James M – Builder

“Christina is a professional and diligent Fire Engineer with great attitude and excellent communication skills. I have engaged her services to prepare a Fire Engineering report for my project and she has been great to work with. Thank you Christina, and I look forward to working with you on more projects.”

“We have been very impressed with Christina Knorr for the following reasons (amongst others):

  1. Timely response to all queries;
  2. Expert Report writing is at a high standard;
  3. Ms Knorr is approachable and easy to deal with; and
  4. Available to attend site inspections and meetings at short notice.”

Harriet O – Lawyer

“We would like to thank you sincerely for your participation in Combustible cladding and other fire risks – where to now?

The high standard of our program is due to the wonderful level of commitment and excellent material prepared by our speakers to whom we and the legal profession are greatly indebted.

We aim to ensure the highest standards in educational experience and management.”

Marlon Cabrera – Continuing Legal Education

“We have found CJK Fire to be prompt, professional and, most importantly, completely approachable. Fire compliance is an exceptionally complex area of understanding so it has been important for both our staff and our clients to have been offered the opportunity of personal meetings whenever necessary to carefully and thoroughly explain the proposed solutions.

CJK Fire has proven to be a valuable provider upon whom we can depend for excellence in service delivery and project outcomes.”

Christine Kolenc – Senior Strata Manager

“CJK Fire & Safety, led by Christina Knorr, were able to provide us with a compliant solution that was:

  1. Cost effective
  2. Time efficient
  3. Enabled the client to maintain full operations with minimal disruption to all services for the duration of the project.
  4. Enabled the client to maintain critical health services during the COVID pandemic.
  5. Resulted in the entire project being completed within the tight schedule and within the designated budget (without any variations being submitted to the client throughout the duration of the project).”

Bruce Parker – Director

“Construction Legal has had the pleasure of working with Christina Knorr from CJK Fire & Safety .

Christina is the ultimate professional and has a knack for making engineering complex issues easy to understand for her clients. She has been assisting Construction Legal with expert services in relation to fire engineering issues and consistently delivers clear concise reports to tight deadlines.

We would not hesitate in using CJK Fire & Safety for other fire and safety matters.”

Shawn Rippon – Director Major Projects Specialist

“Construction Specialties Australia have been using the fire engineering services of CJK Fire and Safety for the last 5 years. As a premium supplier we are involved in commercial projects that require highly technical and bespoke solutions.

We have found the directors to be hands on and skilled in presenting a range of options that result in a win-win for all stakeholders. The company are also accredited CIO Fire engineers which provides me reassurance that they have the necessary expertise and standards to be beyond reproach.”

Bill Maloukis – General Manager

“CJK Fire & Safety provided a very thorough and detailed assessment of our building’s specific requirements and included a set of recommendations to help us formulate a plan which was accepted by our insurance company and that we are confident with, moving forward.

We very much appreciate their professionalism, commitment to excellence and their honest and ethical approach. We rely on CJK Fire & Safety engineers’ advice as we are embarking on this large-scale project and will recommend them to anyone looking for reliable and trustworthy fire engineering consultants.”

Larisa Alexander – Strata Committee

“At InHouseGroup3, since that day one many years ago, Christina Knorr has presented under different entities and now under her own CJK brand.

I must say that we and our attendees over the years have immensely enjoyed her presentations and more so the relevance of the contents.”

Alain Chazelles – Managing Director