The UNSW Continuing Legal Development seminar on 14th August 2019 has ended up to be of a great success. Around 60 legal professionals were interested in the essential update on flammable cladding and other fire risk defects. Experts discussed recent cases, testing and approval regimes, legislative responses, insurance issues, remedies and implications for building owners, contractors and consultants.

In her one-hour lecture, Christina covered the following topics:

  • Short history regarding the use and prevalence of aluminium composite panels (ACPs)
  • Notable cladding fires
  • The previous and current regimes for testing and approval of cladding
  • Technical responses to remediation
  • Implications for building owners and developers
  • Other potential non ACP causes of fire risk

The presentation has been well received which was demonstrated in an active participation of the audience and numerous questions and discussions.

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