NSW Design and Practitioner Scheme – Class 2 buildings – Professional Engineer Registration in Fire Safety

CJK Fire & Safety Engineering

From 1st July 2021, fire safety engineers wishing to perform work on Class 2 buildings or mixed-use buildings containing a Class 2 part, must hold a registration as a Professional Engineer. This registration is additional to Certifier – Fire Safety (Former C10), which can be used to perform engineering services on any other building classification.

The criteria for obtaining the Professional Engineer registration are appropriate qualifications, at least 5 years of relevant experience, appropriate insurance, and a current National Police Certificate. For fire safety engineering, the appropriate qualification is related to a Postgraduate Degree.

The NSW Design and Practitioner Scheme was introduced as part of the Construct NSW transformation with the aim of lifting standards in the residential construction.

The fire safety engineers at CJK Fire & Safety are Registered Professional Engineers or work under a direct supervision of a Registered Professional Engineer and are willing to assist with work related to Class 2 buildings in NSW and Australia-wide.

More information on the Scheme can be viewed on the NSW Fair Trading website: https://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/trades-and-businesses/licensing-and-qualifications/professional-engineer-registration#pe-qualifications

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