Australia’s National Construction Code (NCC) is a performance-based code, that sets the minimum requirements for the design and construction of buildings. It is made up of three volumes. The Building Code of Australia (BCA) is the combination of Volume One and Volume Two.

At first it was updated every 6 months, then every year, and now it updated every 3 years to reduce the change impact on the industry. The next update scheduled for 2025.

Some of the proposed amendments that we are interested in are:

EV charging at home

  • Allowing for the ongoing uptake of electric vehicles (EVs). This involves EV charging in homes where more switchboard capacity and infrastructure to support faster domestic charging is required.
  • A Preliminary Impact Analysis anticipates the increased switchboard capacity would cost approximately $15 if installed at the time of construction. In contrast, if the switchboard capacity is increased later, this could cost approximately $600. So if you are building a new home this is something to consider now.

Accredited testing laboratories

  • The testing for fire hazard properties, combustibility and classifying external wall systems will only be able to be done by an Accredited Testing Laboratory
  • An ATL is an organisation that has been accredited in Australia by the National Association of Testing Authorities Australia (NATA) to undertake relevant tests. It can also be an organisation not based in Australia that is accredited by a body recognised by NATA through mutual recognition.

Carpark fire safety improvements

  • The changes proposed include requiring sprinkler protection in all carparks with more than 40 cars and to car stackers in carparks
  • It also includes removing the Fire Resistance Level (FRL) concessions for open-deck carparks in Type A and B construction and carparks in the bottom of Type A buildings.


The proposed amendments are currently open to public comment and can be read in full here:



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